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Church Challenge 2012

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Biblical Significance

Philippians 2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

Church Challenge 2012

Find out what your Church really teaches, where all the money goes, what your pastors actually believe and what the leaders intend for you Spiritually at your Church fellowship

What is the Church Challenge 2012?

It will be a short question and answer document regarding the three areas of – Church Governing Practices: i.e. tithing, financial accountability, personal accountability, nepotism policies, leadership qualifications, ministry openness, etc.

Church Fellowship Practices: i.e. are there Apostles in the fellowship today?, are there Prophets in the fellowship today?, does the pastor or leadership think that they are a Jesus figure or a Moses figure presiding over the Church fellowship? is the Church leadership considered extra anointed?, what Gifts of the Holy Spirit are to be exercised publically?, does the Church fellowship provide for hospital visits?, What resources are freely available?, etc.

Biblical Church Doctrines: i.e. what is the Church?, when did the Church start?, how does the Church end?, where is the real Mt. Sinai?, is Mormonism Christian?, what is the best and most accurate Bible translation?, etc.

By sampling the practices and beliefs of your Church pastors, staff and leadership to understand their managerial intentions and Biblical knowledge of Christianity, it is intended that the average Church attendee can have a clearer and more concise picture as to if that particular fellowship is really in line with their own personal desire to practice their faith while growing and maturing as a Christian.

Much of the information for the coming 2012 Church Challenge can be found in the current document “Wiki - Basic Christian” MS Word, PDF

As Christians we have the awesome privilege to participate (Philippians 2:12) in our own salvation (maturity) process and likewise we also have the equally awesome responsibility to oversee that the temporal, corporate assembly [Church fellowship] portion of our Spiritual sanctification process is done Biblically, sufficiently and correctly.

Use the time between now and this Fall to download the Wiki - Basic Christian material, study it and get a small group from your Church fellowship together to get acquainted with the material, especially include anyone who is a large financial donor to the Church.

Also use the time to try to determine the financial stability of the Church fellowship i.e. what assets and land does it own, how many years of financial reserves does the fellowship maintain and what loans and legal financial obligations does it have if any. Begin to present the material along with your input or the group's input to the Church pastors, leaders and staff. This will give Church attendees a good initial indication of just what the fellowship consist of and where it needs to improve, if anywhere.

It will also go a long way in assisting to prepare the Church fellowship for any personal changes or pastoral changes that could occur within the fellowship so that if any changes do occur the fellowship body can be more readily prepared for change in a positive direction and not as susceptible to the current emergent types of changes that are taking advantage of uniformed fellowships and are deliberately changing and hindering the character, content and commitment of the true Christian Church.

God bless everyone,
David Anson Brown

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