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Biblical Reality vs Man's Calvinism

"Living as an unreformed [a non-Calvinist] Protestant takes courage. You’re no longer the Gnostic [fantasy-life] coward that can disassociate yourself from a life that you have no control over. Life is no longer something "outside of you." You must now own the sum and substance of your own life without hiding behind a bogus total depravity. Beware of finding joy in the confession of your own evil." - Paul M. Dohse Sr.

The dysfunction, deception, bewilderment and hysteria of the discredited Modern Emergent Movement is now being almost fully embraced by a Modern Reformed (Calvinism) Movement that at one time preached steadily against such mischievousness.

When the Son of Man shall come [after His Millennial reign] in His Glory, and all the Holy Angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the Throne of His Glory: And before Him shall be gathered all Nations: and He shall separate them one from another, as a Shepherd divides His sheep from the goats: And He shall set the sheep [righteous] on His right hand, but the goats [immoral] on the left. Then shall the King say unto them on His right hand, Come, all of you blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: ~ Matthew 25:31-34

This is an informative article from a different liberal/New Age perspective

Why All Big Empires Die: NATO [UN] Is Rapidly Collapsing As It Widens Many Wars

The income gap problem is huge. No empire lasts very long with very unhappy peasants and with the very rich growing fat and lazy as they suck down everything and live in vast palaces and shut out the cries of the people for mercy and help. A country, an empire like this is easily defeated in war. The weak, demoralized population makes poor soldiers and people who hate their rulers are usually anxious to overturn them.

Economic empires are the same: when a group of people gain control of great power they can either be nice to everyone and insure all are cared for and there is a good society with jobs, industry, good care of the lands, careful stewardship. Or they can loot everyone, refuse to pay taxes for their own military power and make the gap between themselves and the rest of humanity as huge as possible. This 'greed is good' method of rule has one end: the guillotine or death at the hands of other empires coming in to loot.


This, in turn, has excited great energy in Muslim populations who hate the Europeans and Americans as infidels and the more NATO slugs these angry Muslims, the madder they get and the more they fight and the battles are now endless, every year, and extremely expensive. And the oil held by these nations is taken off world markets leading to very high energy prices across the board (they all go up together, more or less!) so the economies of ALL the NATO countries is now in greatest distress.


Not that people at the top can figure this out! They see only victory in the future, and more wealth for them and less for the rest of humanity and frankly, they don't care to read history or learn harsh lessons from the past. They think they are geniuses who have found a magic way of being extremely powerful and totally greedy.

Source: Article "Why All Big Empires Die: NATO Is Rapidly Collapsing As It Widens Many Wars" from January 30, 2012 by Culture of Life News blog

I'm studying the Old Testament book of Zephaniah and comparing it to the New Testament book of Romans. It’s very interesting in that both books are very similar having some of the same content and actually parallel each other in the transition from subject to subject. Different from my study but noticing that just a casual reading of Romans or any book in the Bible actually destroys the false premises of the Reformed Theology - Calvinism.

Therefore as by the offence (sin) of one [Adam] judgment (death) came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness (Holiness) of one [Jesus Christ] the free gift (eternal life) came upon all men unto justification of life. Romans 5:18

The problem is that Calvinism is a flawed [legal] system that is being commonly used today to build [oligarchy style - i.e. mafia style] church congregations that require people to follow an obviously flawed and restricted system. Calvinism is a system from the middle-ages [of serfs and peasants] that does not accurately represent the truth of the biblical, caring and loving accessibility of Christianity.~ Update: March 10, 2015

Listening to this train wreck of a sermon by John MacArthur and it’s possibly the most inaccurate Holy Week sermon I have ever heard from a mainstream ministry. It is crowded with so many errors, inaccuracies and false assumptions that it’s difficult to even listen to.

My Devotional with an introduction on April 8th (page 103) the Christian Community Year Devotional covers the days and events of Holy Week in a much more accurate, responsible and reasonable manner than the intangible, confused and irresponsible John MacArthur message.

I’m wondering if MacArthur’s medication is out of balance or something because he is so incoherent and confused [i.e. placing Palm Sunday on a Monday] really there must be external problems. A normal rational person just doesn’t say those things [i.e. calling the Temple demonic]. You would think someone at MacArthur’s church would step in and assume some leadership responsibility and save him from himself but that’s the problem with a 1-man show when it implodes no has the sense to intervene.

Gnostic: Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens YouTube

The Gnostic Mind Control and Slavery of Star Wars Explained
Disney Exposed YouTube and Hollywood Exposed YouTube
Star Wars Pastors YouTube

Counting the 49 Days after Holy Week at

When Albert Mohler Jr., Boz (Boozer) Tchividjian and John MacArthur's Cult of Calvinism can provide Salvation.

In the Cult of Calvinism individual Salvation is not available until Pentecost and then only if the individual has obeyed many aspects of Calvinism's contrived doctrines

Note: John Calvin (1509 – 1564) a lawyer by trade was unable to adequately grasp the greater theological concepts of the Holy Bible. Calvin's simplistic lawyerly attempt reduced the relationship aspects and complexities of the Bible into a two-dimensional legalistic realm of law and punishment. Calvin was either unaware of or ignored completely the more complex realities of the Divine, Prophetic, Kingdom and Priesthood relationship with mankind that the Bible triumphantly exalts and exclaims.


A Countdown to Pentecost - Calvinism's Holy Day

Counting the days to Pentecost and the Extra Days needed after Holy Week until Calvinism (Reformed) teaching provides for individual Salvation and the Start of a Christian Church.

Well, it will take some time to get the heathen Calvinist into the existing (since Holy Week) Christian Church but we'll continue to wait it out for them and after Pentecost [Summer Feast] when the Calvinists can finally join the Christian Church then together we can do the countdown to the Feast of Trumpets and the other two Fall Feasts [the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles].

Note: The heretic John MacArthur and his confusion regarding a Pentecost start to the Christian Church. MacArthur also calls the sanctification and witness of Pentecost "a heavenly invasion" as though the Holy God has intruded in man's life when it is Satan that is the intruder into the lives of people – is John MacArthur confusing the Holy God with Satan? Video

The doctrines of Calvinism in neglecting the Events of the Christian Holy Week do not have in them the foundation of being 'Redeemed' by the blood of the cross of Jesus Christ and 'Saved' into the one True Resurrection of Jesus Christ but instead by the doctrines of Calvinism a person is not necessarily 'Redeemed' or 'Saved' by the Holy Week Ministry of Jesus Christ but instead a person is merely nebulously 'Chosen' via some form of 'Election' that is built and affirmed upon the assumptions, presuppositions and confirmations of man not as a result of the confirming presence of the Holy Spirit. Calvinistic doctrine wrongfully negates the works and ministry of Jesus Christ during Holy Week and exchanges the sure Foundation of the Christian Faith derived from the Holy Week events of Jesus Christ for a man centered gospel message of 'chosen' and 'elect'.

John the Baptist (Matthew 3:11) prophesied that the Messiah (Jesus Christ) would be the one to continually “baptize” people with the Holy Spirit unto eternal Salvation not a solo working of the Holy Spirit Baptizing alone (the empowerment) as is recorded in Acts chapter 2. Jesus Christ being both the 'Beginning' Alpha by Baptizing His followers starting in the Upper Room (John 20:22) and continuing to Baptize His disciples throughout the entire Christian Church Era then 'Ending' Omega by Jesus Himself eventually calling and meeting (Acts 1:9-11, 1 Thessalonians 4:14) His 'Bride' of 'Baptized' followers in the clouds and bringing His Bride into Heaven.

Note: the Basic Christian Ministry follows and instructs in the Historical Biblical Christian pattern [i.e. the literal grammatical historical method of Biblical interpretation] – in following the actual Divine and human events that Christianity is a direct product of i.e. creation, original sin, Heaven, hell, the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, the earthly Ministry of Jesus, the Holy Week events and ministry of Jesus, imputed righteousness, the eternal resurrection, the historic Apostolic Church age, the current Common Christian Church Age, the Millennial Age to come, and the many other human and Divine events that have already happened or are yet to unfold among mankind.

While the more modern Reformed i.e. Calvinistic traditions, doctrines and teachings are not so much derived from either historical or future events but are more derived from presuppositional teachings, meaning that if a well-known person i.e. John Calvin or almost anyone with a Dr. in their title makes a statement then that statement becomes a kind of presupposed fact a fact that the general Christian Church at large is now supposed to universally accept as a biblical doctrinal truth even though that doctrine didn't emerge from historical events or even from well contemplated Biblical passages but merely as a preference of certain people that once united in groupthink becomes a de facto Church doctrine.

Concluding: there is a vast difference between the historic Church with the Biblical doctrines and what is being taught and passed along today in the modern opinion induced church.

by David Anson Brown


JAY BAKKER Interview Sep 4, 2014 on WTF Podcast (Mp3)

Jay Bakker is the younger of two children born to televangelists Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Bakker Messner. Jay gives some incredible firsthand knowledge regarding the probably illegal actions of Jerry Falwell (Liberty University) and Pat Robertson (The 700 Club). Apparently Jerry Falwell used the same lawyer as Larry Flynt (Hustler magazine). Note: Jerry Falwell died under suspicious circumstances in 2007 having a quick burial and no autopsy was performed. Mark DeMos (Mitt Romney advisor - Billy Graham advisor - Jerry Falwell advisor) was possibly the last person to see Jerry Falwell alive. Supposedly Mark DeMos and Jerry Falwell were having a disagreement regarding Jerry Falwell’s refusal to back the Mitt Romney Presidential campaign - later the Billy Graham Ministry did endorse the Mormon Mitt Romney.

Related info:

Jimmy Swaggart And His Unfinished Business With A Prostitute Named Suzi - PART ONE Video 1 PART ONE Video 2

Watch the real story behind the prostitute scandal that exposed more of Jimmy Swaggart's hidden character in the 1980's. Through recently acquired information that had been scrubbed from public view since 1988, this video reveals what REALLY happened with Jimmy and a prostitute nicknamed "Sexy Suzi". This video proves how the official story today is in fact a COVER-UP using a DIFFERENT prostitute, a DIFFERENT motel, a "new" photographer, and STAGED photographs to go along with those new details. The video reveals a time scenario surrounding the suspicious disappearance of the real prostitute, positioning the spotlight now on Jimmy Swaggart and his highly possible involvement with the woman's unexplained disappearance and apparent death.

In Swaggart's "tearful confession" and three pulpit messages shortly following, Jimmy projected his desire to identify with David in the Bible. David had a TRUE heart after the Lord, but fell in one instance of adultery and one instance of murder. Apparently Jimmy was looking for the same sort of "forgiveness" from his audience, even though his one EXPOSED instance of adultery was in fact just one of HUNDREDS of such instances of Swaggart's adultery. And now this newly uncovered evidence ALSO reveals that Swaggart could well have participated in a MURDER just like David did - the murder of his prostitute "Sexy Suzi".

Sadly, scores of people have gotten closer to Jimmy and his wife Frances than the stage normally allows. They have seen that they are far from the characters they act out on stage. Their arrogant and often vicious ways leave a lasting impression on those who knew them personally but got on their "wrong side". Some of those individuals never got the chance to talk about it. So it is with his prostitute "Sexy Suzi" - a girl Jimmy loved to "play with", but who somehow vanished after she talked too much.

While this video presents much of the evidence that the producers now have, it does not in any way present all of the evidence. Statements and conclusions are made based on more evidence than was possible to present for a public viewing.

"While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the SERVANTS of corruption." (II Peter 2.19)


Podcast Ephesians 5:11 Blog 2nd Source Mp3s Original Blog Site -- Ephesians 5:11 Blog Podcast Mp3s (Zipped Mp3 Podcasts)

Paul's Passing Thoughts Blog 2nd Source Videos Original Blog Site -- Paul's Passing Thoughts Blog Videos (Zipped Mp4 Videos)

FBC Jax Watchdogs Al Mohler has declared from his lofty perch at SBTS that church members do not have the "right" to leave their church, unless it is for a primary doctrinal reason.

This is not only unbiblical, it is just plain stupid and illogical. Let me give just a few reasons why Mohler is out in left field on this issue: ... We could go on, but you get the point. Christian, you and your family have the right - even the Christian responsibility - to change churches and take your money with you for any reason you deem fit. It could be because the newly appointed pastor is more of a traveling evangelist who loves to go on cruises with the rich folk. Or maybe the pastor is an angry, pompous ass in the pulpit and you just can't stomach his rants each week. It could be because your kids don't fit into the youth group, or the youth group is dysfunctional. It could be even something as simple as worship style preferences.

Friends, Albert Mohler is regarded by many to be one of the greatest minds in modern day evangelicalism. Albert telling church members they are morally bound to stay attached to their 501(c)3 religious organization else they are harming the cause of Christ, tells me that we not only can't trust men like Mohler and those he trains to teach the bible rightly, we can't trust them to make arguments that are logical, or even congruent with their other core beliefs.

"Hotel Calvinista" [Eagles - Hotel California]

"Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the church house
at the place I was before
'relax,' said [the night man] Albert Mohler,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!"

Good Fight Theater Eagles song 'Hotel California' is explained
A part of the song is also played backwards (Video) -- [Type Eagles in top search box] Hotel California - Claim: The Eagles song "Hotel California" is about Satanism.

There's a rumor that's been around for some time concerning the Eagles' song "Hotel California". The basic premise is that the song is about a Christian church that was abandoned (or otherwise vacated) in 1969, and was taken over by an occultic group (usually Satan worshippers). For some unknown reason, it became known as the "Hotel of California".
However, by far the most common theme to surface in Hotel California rumors is one that links the song to devil worship. The lyrics (which speak of trying to "kill the Beast" and not having had "that spirit [communion wine] here since 1969") form the bedrock of the various Satan-related theories, but the belief is also fed by the album design. The inner cover is a photograph of people in a courtyard of a Spanish-looking inn. In a balcony above them looms a shadowy figure with arms spread. Many who look at that photo see Anton LaVey, leader of the Church of Satan, and interpret the spread arms as his welcoming the populace below into Satan's trap. That the people in the picture seem unaware of the gleefully evil figure standing above them only adds to the implicit horror of the scene - the innocents below are oblivious to their having wandered into the house of the Devil.

Pastors Chuck Smith Sr. and Brian Broderson - Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa in Santa Anna, CA

RemnantXRadio: Seed of the Father - Chuck Smith Jr. Expose' P1, P2, P3 (Mp3s) - Alternate Download Mp3

Rapture Ready Radio: TBN and the lapse of the so-called solid [Bible] teachers Show-Mp3 by Jackie Alnor

Info and Research on "Moses Model Pastors" — Exposés

Note: Joshua (Jesus) led the Children of Israel - Aaron and Moses as biblical types of the Law didn't even enter into the Promise Land [Numbers 20:24, 27:12-23]

Source: - Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa filed as a Articles of Incorporation on Thursday, December 21, 1961 in the state of California.

Source: - Chuck Smith [replaced an unknown pastor and] started pastoring at Calvary Chapel in December of 1965 with an [existing] congregation of twenty-five people.

Note: what was originally a public Church has now apparently been transformed into a Smith family private enterprise.

Galatians 4 blog: Chuck Smith Sr. Exposed

Brian Broderson, son-in-law of Chuck Smith ... Is Brian a Jesuit (a secret Roman Catholic and agent of the Illuminati)? Ephesians 5:11 blog

August 19, 2010 Calvary Chapel News/Abuse blog Open Letter to Brian Brodersen Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

Read Read all the testimonies. Bob has a trail of hurt lives and ruined lives in his wake…and more are being hurt right now due to his terrible leadership. You guys give him power by giving him a Dove. You need to hold him to account and bring some discipline. Bob should not be a pastor…he is disqualified per 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Why have you not taken action? Why does Bob Grenier still get the full endorsement of Calvary Chapel by the fact that he is still affiliated? I’m asking you Brian, in the hopes that I can find one man in a leadership position at CC that is Spiritual and worried more about doing what’s right…than protecting the Business. Please contact me so we can discuss this matter.

Calvary Chapel Abuse blog: Comments

#70. Here's my best summary:

The original CC was an independent church that spawned many "mini-me's".

Chuck Smith said he was avoiding the problems of denominations by only having a “movement” that was described as an "association".

Many speculate he was actually trying to avoid responsibility, while still maintaining the control.

Chuck Smith still made decisions about other CC churches/pastors/how sin was handled, etc... But he did it when he wanted to and not when he didn't want to.

Many CC pastors declared Chuck Smith is their leader.

In the wake of troubles within the CC (lawsuits) CCOF (Chuck Smith is the president, the ruling arm of CC) began changing it's lingo to make it sound more like CC pastors simply shared some

commonality, declaring they were all totally independent ... yet, this was not necessarily reflected in how Chuck Smith or the CC pastors acted.

In the most recent lawsuit (child abuse in CC,) Chuck Smith said he has absolutely no rule or control over any CC's anywhere.

In the last month, Chuck Smith (who declared he has no control) made the decision to reorganize CC and create a hierarchy of sorts geographically. But each church is totally independent ...

but they have to now answer to their regional leaders ... for what? dunno?

So you tell me? Are their any higher ups in CC?

Alex has tried for years to go to elders, board members, regional CC leaders, other CC pastors, and even a face to face meeting with Chuck Smith, himself. All to no avail. They say they don't have power. Some just ignore Alex.

In my case, when our CC pastor was AWOL for months and the "left behind" assistant pastor had to run the whole show alone, he called the board for help ... only to discover there was no board, hadn't been one for 3 years. He found out very quickly that there wasn't anyone who could legally make a decision. So some other CC pastors came into the vacuum of leadership and basically took over (some call it a huge asset grab!)

To my knowledge, the power/asset grab was not actually legal. From what we can surmise, they had the absent CC pastor over a barrel for breaking the law in operating without a board, along with damning evidence of the CC pastor's extramarital adventures, or whatever evidence they had on him at the time (more showed up later.)

In essence, there was no one really empowered to deal with this errant pastor. Letters and calls to Chuck Smith and CCOF went unanswered, from what I've been told.

#71. My understanding is that there is still an affiliation process to become a CC and that responsibility now lies with the regional pastors. I believe there is a national counsel that also over sees this process. So there does seem to be some sort of vetting process and standard that needs to be observed to become a CC but I think its just about any one's guess to what it takes to become unaffiliated. It seems like its a free for all at this point since there has been no intervention with anything since the lawsuit against CCOF. So all these CC churches end up endorsed on their website with the CCA's stamp of approval.

#72. And its not really the church (the members) that are endorsed its actually [only] the senior pastor that is affiliated and endorsed. This basically is CC’s understanding of what a church is.

#73. I think it's important to remember, that if an "affiliated" CC pastor leaves a CC church, the church ceases to be a CC, unless another is "affiliated" in his place.

In essence, the pastor is the church and not the people. The people have no say, do not have the right to see the finances by law, cannot hold a pastor accountable for ethical or biblical failures, and have no influence over the direction of the church and it's resources.

#74. ... so in your situation when the pastor went AWOL, the church ceased to be a CC but somewhere along the line, the CC system went in and grabbed the assets (building, land, equipment, etc..). So in away, the "right of survivorship" belongs to this massive CC system yet they have the audacity to say they are all 100% independent.

Ok, so that sounds essentially the same as my former church. BGBC is affiliated with Grace Brethren, they pay their membership dues each year, but no one is over the individual churches. They are independent churches with a club membership (with the membership, they have access to a summer camp facility).

#75. So basically, CC is run like all other Independent Fundamental Bible churches (IFB). No wonder there are so many problems in these churches with the lack of oversight.


Election 2012

Mitt Romney is Named the Least Influential Person of 2012

At first, I wasn't sure if I agreed with this reasoning. I mean Romney did manage to become one of the two finalists to be the next President of the United States of America. That has to make him more influential than Amanda Bynes, right?

Not really. Mitt Romney spent six years of his life running for president. In those six years can you name one original idea or policy proposal that he came up with? Just one. You can't, because Mitt Romney spent nearly a decade planning and running for president without adding a single new idea to our national discourse. Some people called Romney an empty suit, but his problem was an empty mind.

Then, there were the gaffes. Mitt Romney's self inflicted wounds were so severe that he made Sarah Palin look like Stephen Hawking.

Romney spent the entire 2012 campaign being the least popular nominee in modern American political history. Not only was Romney completely devoid of ideas, but people felt historic levels of dislike for him. One of the great oddities of Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign was that the more voters saw of Romney, the less they liked him. The writing was on the wall in state polls of places like Ohio and Pennsylvania, where Romney remained more disliked than liked.

Naming Mitt Romney the least influential person of 2012 isn't kicking a man when he is down. It is telling the truth about a presidential nominee who had done so little, yet felt entitled to so much.

Mitt Romney's 'Project ORCA' Was A Disaster, And It May Have Cost Him The Election Project ORCA -- Comments: "The bitter irony of this entire endeavor was that a supposedly small government candidate [Mitt Romney] gutted the local structure of GOTV efforts in favor of a centralized, faceless organization in a far off place, in this case their Boston headquarters. Wrap your head around that." It is not irony of any sort. It is precisely the way the GOP operates: They claim to be one thing then govern as the exact opposite.

airō blog provides three excellent reasons Why I'm NOT Voting for Mitt Romney & with a clear conscience -- I'm voting the Higher Way 'Jesus Christ'

LDS throws Mitt from the Mormon Bus via Huffington Post The highest-ranking Mormon in Congress Harry Reid "Mitt Romney 'Sullied' Mormonism, Isn't The Face Of The Religion"

New Calvinism, New Baptist, New Evangelical, Gnosticism, and Communism 'Church Tribe' Communes

A multiple part sermon review from the Paul's Passing Thoughts blog by Paul Dohse - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (Mp4 - Downloads)

Reviewed Sermon: A progressive (Gnostic, New Calvinism, Commune) sermon given at Shawnee Hills Baptist Church in Portsmouth, OH

Sermon Synopsis:

  1. The Prodigal Son parable is supposedly about the older son (a Christian or a Jew) being mostly bad while the departed worldly son (worldly people) as being mostly good, and if we are like either son [we will end up like the Corinthians] and then if we attempt to discern spiritual matters ourselves without a Pastor {I guess, because only the Pastor has the Holy Spirit} - it could make us 'spiritually schizophrenic' and we don't want that -- or something like that.
  2. Also, FYI wisdom and knowledge are NOT the same thing - but the Pastor is the shepherd - so use wisdom (a vision of good) but not knowledge (a way to defend individual bad ideas) in seeking a new Pastor 'shepherd' for the church.
  3. Supposedly we then need to choose and align our choices according to the Pastoral-cultural 'group' (tribe) mentality - not by any real individual Biblical based concepts.
because the individual = division | while the group = justice

Conclusion: resistance is futile, [if you are not careful] you will be assimilated into this new Emerging Progressive (New Calvinism, New Baptist, New Evangelical, Gnosticism, and Communism 'Church Tribe' Communes) slave system to be sent out and produce your best (tithes) and give your free services to the community all the while most importantly being very obedient to your Pastor and your appointed church leaders [except of course for that Jesus Christ person because He really doesn't matter in this new system], and have a blessed day - but only by their approval.

Source: Paul's Passing Thoughts blog

Warnings and Exposés

Ephesians 5:11 Blog and also the Calvary Chapel Watchman blog both hosted by William Saunders

Warnings and Exposés regarding corrupt Watchman and dishonest End Time Ministries

i.e. Chuck Missler, Roger Oakland, Deborah Dombrowski, Chris Pinto, David Barton, Glenn Beck, John Hagee, Brannon Howse, Tim LaHaye, LA Marzulli, Ergun Caner, Calvary Chapels, Alex Jones, Nicholas F. Papanicolaou, Jesuit Father Justo Lacunza Balda, Jerry Boykin, Ron Matsen, Martin Erdmann, etc.

Ephesians 5:11 Podcast (Mp3s) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 **Part 4 Part 5

September 14, 2012: Occult Deception practices within the Church

Modern (occult) pastors seem to be continually instituting a false system within the Church. A pseudo system that vaguely resembles the Old Testament, particularly in part in reinstituting the already completed Levitical Law (i.e. tithing). What this pseudo church (i.e. wrongly insinuating that we Christians have to prove our actual Justification (faith in Jesus) by showing our obedience to O.T. Levitical Law like practices). This places a false atmosphere within the Church and creates a false impression that insinuates that Biblical practices are being followed and adhered to [well negated O.T. practices] and in this false O.T. system it places individuals i.e. pastors into a perceived position of the O.T. offices of anointed king, anointed prophet or anointed priest and it is creating a dismal, dysfunctional, corrupt and error ridden system that is devastating the modern Church.

See Also: False Repentance Doctrine Exposed (Mp3) -- Faithful Word Baptist Church Sermons

Note: scrolling down to -- "This is an image (photo) of the inside of First Baptist Church of Hammond ... a massive [two-tone] Catholic Celtic cross [one tone is a wooden Protestant cross the second tone adds a white Roman Catholic border to the cross] up over the Altar [with a set of about 13 red steps between the altar and some doors positioned below the cross - an Eye of Horus 'Lucifer' symbol is over the doors] that has been turned into a Pulpit." -- This is just amazing in that the occult deception has just been hardwired into this IFB (SBC) church probably at least for a while.

See Also: Occult Pastor Dr. David Jeremiah -- "I stumbled upon the all-seeing eye (Eye of Horus) that overlooks his [church] altar and sanctuary" Photos

American Family Association (Values Voters) now has an 'Eye of Horus' over the top of their logo (it's not a half of a fish logo it's an Eye of Horus symbol) - the non-profit 501(c3) organization was founded in 1977 by Donald E. Wildmon, who was pastoring First United Methodist Church in Southaven, Mississippi, at the time. Since 1977, AFA has been on the frontlines of America’s culture war. The original name of the ministry was National Federation for Decency but was changed to American Family Association (AFA) in 1988.

The question has to be asked are these Church Sanctuaries or are these Satanic Covens? Are they secretly functioning as both churches and covens? Pseudo pretend churches designed to take money and lie to unsuspecting Christians while the real intention is to fund and facilitate Satanic Covens.

Transcript of the Satanic invocations contained in the video of these pastors [Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard Browne, Mike Evans] while in church services.


Example 1 Kenneth Copeland while pretending to be speaking in tongues says the words, "Come take the mark of the beast" as he invites Dennis Bourke to come forward for ministry.

Example 2 Kenneth Copeland says the words, "Tell my brother now take the beast, take together Satan here, yeah have the mark off from the beast" as he communicates with Rodney Howard Browne in supposed tongues about a man who is about to be prayed for by Rodney Howard Browne.

Example 3 Kenneth Copeland asks Satan to tie up the money that is coming in through the movement. He can be heard saying the words. "Tie my money Satan."

Example 4 Kenneth Copeland says the words, "I bun you Satan our lord tie the money" as a man is doing a sort of running dance after Rodney Howard Browne lays his hand on him and tells him to run with the move of God.

Example 12 As Rodney Howard Browne works upon the audience getting them into a passive state of mind, Kenneth Copeland can be heard calling personally upon the devil to give a demon to the people in the audience. He says the words, "My devil now give a demon in em" and Rodney Howard Browne says yeah, yeah, in agreement as Kenneth Copeland is saying those words.

Example 13 A demon speaks out of a lady that Rodney Howard Browne ministers to, says the words, "Move Satan master" as the lady is manifesting the laughter and demonic tongues.

Example 14 Rodney Howard Browne says the words, "Our Satan was moving her" referring to the lady who manifests the laughter and demonic tongues.

Example 23 As Rodney Howard Browne is repeating the words, "have a drink of the new wine, have a drink of the new wine", Kenneth Copeland can be heard disgustingly calling upon Satan. He says the words, "Come our Satan".

Example 24 Stacey Campbell, one of the leading ladies of the movement gets taken over by evil spirits and begins channeling.

Example 25 Kenneth Copeland asks Satan to move by jumbling the words that he says, instead of saying, "move over my beast" he says the words, "Beast move over my".

Example 26 Mike Evans says the words, "Take over my Satan" when he is being ministered to by Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Howard Browne. When he says this Rodney Howard Browne breaks out in laughter at Mike Evans poor effort in trying to disguise the word "Satan".

Example 27 Mike Evans continues to communicate and call upon Satan while receiving ministry for Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Howard Browne. He says the words, "Naughty pa rule my Satan, naughty master" as he is making out to be speaking in tongues.

Example 28 Kenneth Copeland says some words in tongues that cause Mike Evans to fall back onto the floor. Then in his next bit of tongues he disgustingly tells Rodney Howard Browne that it was Satan their master who did it. He says the words, "Warst our Satan master."

Pastor Jack Schaap Scandal - First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN - Hyles-Anderson College

Update: 3/20/2013 Jack Schaap Will Serve 12 Years in a Federal Prison for Sex with MOLESTING a Minor

Jack Schaap scandal Former First Baptist Church of Hammond pastor Jack A. Schaap faces 10 years in prison - Prosecutors file memorandum outlining 'grooming' of underage victim

While Schaap eventually took responsibility for his actions Schaap initially denied the allegations when he was confronted by church officials, Lozano said. In explanations for the stiffer sentence, the judge pointed to Schaap's attempts to get rid of evidence by deleting text messages and photos of him with the girl and that the pastor [Schaap] also fired at least one church staffer who had questioned the pastor's relationship with the girl, Lozano said.

Charisma News - Jack Schaap Faces 10-Year Sentence in Teen Sex Case

The Five Most Revolting Details from the Evidence in the Jack Schaap Case

  1. Schaap kissing the victim during counseling
  2. Schaap’s claim that Christ wanted the two to be together
  3. Schaap’s cover stories for his numerous rendezvous with the teen
  4. Schaap having sex with the teen in his office - during a church youth conference
  5. Schaap dishonoring the teen’s Father and Mother

Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church Pastor says let God judge accusers "Jesus didn’t answer his accusers during trials before religious and civil authorities 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem" -- Actually, Jesus was innocent!!

Prestonwood Baptist Doesn't Call the Cops on the Molester, But They Call the Cops on the Church Member Who Asks Questions About the Molester

Update: 9/19/2012 8:30 EST Jack Schaap’s Plea Wheeling & Dealing Turns out that the ten years [Jack] Schaap agreed upon [in plea bargain] is the minimum they can sentence him to for that crime. Also when Jack Schaap returns from prison he'll have to register as a sex offender wherever he moves. He was taken into custody this afternoon so he's behind bars even now. Sentencing hearing will be on Sept. 26th.

September 14, 2012: Inform-A-Thon -- Chronicling some of Jack Schaap's many deceitful actions Videos via the blog Good Soldier of Jesus Christ

Alert 8-17-2012: exPastor Jack Schaap 'Adultery' (Molestation) Scandal

Last week, the church's board of deacons revealed that Schaap, 54, had admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with a school girl who is currently 17. The girl, however, would have been just 16 years old when the inappropriate relationship began. Schaap had led the 15,000-member congregation for the past 11 years, and has not yet made a public comment since the FBI launched an investigation into his relationship.

The Lake County Sherriff's office revealed that Schaap is being investigated along with Hyles-Anderson College, where the former pastor was once a vice president, and where the teenage girl took classes. It is unclear whether the pastor will face criminal charges since the age of consent in Indiana is 16, but the married father of two was still removed from his position for committing adultery.

"The investigation is still open, and they are saying that he could be charged at any time, but there are no new findings. We speak to the local authorities just about every day, just to find out what's being done," Wilson added, revealing that the church has little information on Schaap's current whereabouts, though they believe he is out of state.


8:02 PM on August 16, 2012

I personally contacted the FBI asked them about reporting information or incidents that are related to the recent Jack Schaap (former pastor), First Baptist of Hammond Indiana or Hyles-Anderson College investigation. The FBI stated that if you have informaion that would assist them, you can contact the Merrillville, Indiana office at (219)769-3719.**ALL CALLS AND INFORMATION ARE CONFIDENTIAL**

1:05 PM on August 16, 2012

This ex-pastor has had sexually charged messages for years. Any man that will preach about and deomonstrate a "Polished Shaft" in front of youth should be investigated thouroughly. The church has feigned transpareny after firing Schaap by requesting any other victims to speak with their DEFENSE ATTORNEY. If you haven't see this message-it speaks volumes of the type of man Jack really is.

10:18 PM on August 15, 2012

Schaap's leadership is on vivid display: (quoting the article) "There's a sense of commitment on the member part to see that the church goes forward. We are 125 years old, a big congregation, and they are all very committed to making sure that the church succeeds..." Note: the church doesn't seem to be concerned with the victims, or protecting the children in its congregation, they do not mention taking steps to ensure the victims are helped in any way possible. Their only concerns appear to be keeping the status quo and preserving their precious reputation. If only they would look around and realize what that reputation actually is...

8:07 PM on August 15, 2012

Christian Post, I am appalled at the biased view shared on your news article. This church is a cult that allows predators for generations to go unchecked. Just last week I had to contact the FBI because they are still NOT reporting abuse that is happening in their congregation. This church is not unified- they are spinning a story so that they can protect their corrupt institution. I am not a "bitter" ex member- but one who understands the system. Please take time to know what you are dealing with when you help perpetuate an image that is false.


Jack Schaap Confesses To Sexual Relationship With Teen After Firing From Megachurch

The church plans to fully cooperate with an FBI investigation into allegations that multiple sexual encounters involving the same girl took place across state lines.

"Stick with us," the board asked of the 15,000 member congregation, according to the WGN.

Schaap's affair was outed accidentally, a former church member told CBS Chicago

"Jack Schaap had left his cell phone on the pulpit and a deacon had seen it on the pulpit and had picked it up to bring it back to him," Trisha Kee, who maintains a Facebook group for ex-congregants, told the station. "From what we understand, the deacon then saw a text come through from a teenage girl in the church, and it was a picture of Jack Schaap and this girl making out."

Lake County Sheriff John Buncich says that his department began a criminal investigation into the church and its Hyles-Anderson College Tuesday after talking with senior church representatives, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Update: Radio - Mp3 Info

Pastor Jack Schaap's "Fall" and The Cult Legacy of Jack Hyles Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 -- Megiddo Radio (Mp3s)

See Also: Pastor Perry Noble 'NewSpring church' Wants to Rock And Roll All Night & Party Everyday -- Fighting for the Faith with host Chris Rosebrough (Mp3s)

"A source close to the investigation said Schaap began an affair in April with a 16-year-old girl who was affiliated with the church's Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, though she was not a student."

"We became involved from the outset. There is an allegation that the pastor transported an underage minor across state lines for the purpose of having sex. The investigation is ongoing and rapidly unfolding. We have allocated a fair amount of resources to this. We conducted several interviews yesterday and are continuing those today. We expect to have a definitive resolution on whether to go forward with charges within the next week." -- Supervisory Spec. Agent Robert Ramsey (Northern District of Indiana, FBI)

"The truth is that Jack Schaap didn't fall from anything. A cursory glance at his doctrine and deeds over the last eleven years would have revealed to any discerning Christian that he was a false prophet, a wolf, a viper, a dog, and an evil worker. Those are Biblical words. It is sad that he used the name Baptist but he was no more a Baptist than was Balaam. It is sad that he hurt many people and has misrepresented Christianity, but his preaching and practice plainly evinced that he was never what he claimed to be." --Pastor Bobby Mitchell, Jr., Mid-coast Baptist Church, Brunswick, Maine

"My dad (Jack Hyles) lived a double life, one of a righteous family man and of a dynamic speaker in the public eye, but [another] one of sordid sexual secrets privately, secrets that only my siblings and me and my mom knew. He hated my mom. Hated her. Treated her terribly. Abused her. And even turned his own children against his mother. We hated her. He told us she was crazy. We thought to make him happy, we would hate her too. Our home was so full of turmoil, hatred, stress, strife, and as a little girl, it was isolating, it was intense, and it was frightening. He had affairs. He had a mistress for many years, the wife of a Sunday School teacher. He built her family a beautiful home right around the corner from our house. You could see their family from our back door. It was craziness, living one way, preaching another." -- Linda Murphrey (Jack Hyle's daughter)

Source for Quotes Megiddo Radio

More Info:

Dr. Jack Schaap's Perverted Teachings Exposed

The Two Jacks -- Hyles and Schaap -- Exposed - PDF

The Doctrine of Centralism Will Save First Baptist Church of Hammond and IFB

The Doctrine of Centralism and the "Cult" Misnomer

Statement on Jack Schaap -- The Jack Hyles Home Page strongly condemns the current pastor [now expastor] of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana for his ongoing attacks against the inspiration and preservation of the King James Bible. Pastor Jack Schaap has engaged in lies and deception in his attempt to repudiate the clear King James Bible teachings of his predecessor, Dr. Jack Hyles. We no longer recommend Hyles-Anderson College to Bible-believing Christians.

Jack Schaap: Isolated Incident or the One That Got Caught?

So how does something that horrible as child abuse and sexual molestation get covered up by authorities and the members of the church? Well, it looks a great deal like what happened here in my small Virginia town back in 2004 when IFB minister and Jack Schaap/Jack Hyles crony Charles Shifflett was accused of abusing the kids at the church connected school. He’d been allegedly molesting children at the school unchecked for years. Some of his former students came forward and laid the charges of abuse against Pastor Shifflett.

How tight was Pastor Charles Shifflett with Jack Hyles and the Hyles-Anderson College?
Hyles came down to his church to speak many times as well as many children from Calvary Baptist went to Hyles-Anderson College
Pretty strong bonds

Some of the students of the Calvary Baptist school came forward and accused Charles V. Shifflett with a wide variety of abuses, including sodomy, beatings and other actions that have no place in any school. Sadly enough the young adults that came forward to speak of the abuse going on at Calvary Baptist were derided and thought to be liars by many in the community at large and completely dismissed as liars by the members of Calvary Baptist Church. They faced a gauntlet of disapproval as well as having to deal with Sheriff Lee Hart who supposedly told the accusers that if they went forth with their legal charges that the Sheriff would have to charge their own parents with failure to protect their children from harm.

As a side note Sheriff Lee Hart has his own hornet's nest of allegations of improprieties by him and his office he's been dealing with. Notice our current Sheriff is embroiled in the same scandals? So much for true justice.

There is an audio documentary detailed everything that happened. It's called The Lambs of Culpeper by Jeri Massi. Listen and judge for yourself if these young people were making up tales or were truly molested. Many of the local newspaper articles about the sins of Charles V. Shifflett have disappeared. The details in this documentary are enough to break your heart. The legacy that Pastor Shifflett leaves with these young adults will not be long forgotten. It impacts their souls and every aspect of their lives.

August 06, 2012 Two Curious IFB reactions to the Schaap Fiasco

Bob Gray said recently on his blog:
"May I say David Gibbs is also responsible? Why did he not, with his depth of wisdom, pick up the phone and call Jack Schaap and say, "WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?" We out here did! But, then again look what happened to us? We were exiled to the Isle of Patmos!...Why applaud those who did absolutely nothing to stop what Jack Schaap was doing to the church, schools, the college, and independent Baptist churches for these past 11 years...Why not call for the men of the church to come to the altar to start the service with confession and repentance rather than joking about the deacons in attendance as well as the churches attendance? This is no light hearted moment for you! Will there be a "cleaning" of the house or a real "cleansing" of the house. The truth is, it is the responsibility of the membership to ask for an outside man of God to come in and do a thorough "cleansing."

This brings me to the reaction that I read by Paul Chappell who knows well about the blackballing tactics in the IFB since he was there when his boss blackballed Voegtlin.
He said on his blog: "The pastor involved in the current situation is Jack Schaap from Hammond, Indiana. Some years ago, a number of us realized we could not fellowship with him due to some of his teachings and practices...Sadly, when well-intentioned men tried to warn him, he would not receive it. Most of us who travel a bit know that his influence with most pastors has been very limited. Still, because First Baptist of Hammond is a well known Baptist church, there are those who have asked our thoughts."
I find it interesting that Paul Chappell's reaction to Schaap's heresies was essentially the same as Bob Gray's...they separated. However, Chappell decided to silently separate. Up until now, I don't think he has ever publicly mentioned his separation from Schaap. It was simply something you could observe from the outside when you never would see them preach on the same platform (except for the Baptist Friends meeting a couple years ago.).
I wonder why he didn't publicly renounce the egregious errors of Jack Schaap and let it be known that he was not in fellowship with him before this incident? I can't help but think that Bob Gray revealed what would have happened if he had: "exile to the Isle of Patmos!"

That's what would happen! All these men who knew Jack Hyles will never come out and renounce the sins of Hyles that are now so openly documented and easily verifiable. Schaap is an easier target now since he fell, but the root that produced his wicked fruit still lies buried and until these Fundamentalist leaders are willing to go back to the heresies of Jack Hyles and uproot them, we will continue to see these kinds of scandals. Bob Gray is partly right...they need to do a major cleansing, but where he is wrong is not to go back to the teachings of Hyles, they need to go back to the teaching of Scripture.

Source: Article


Update: 9/25/2012 Active Christian Media ACM (Mp3) Download Free for All Friday 09/21/2012 - Jack Schaap Scandal, Jesus' Wife, Islam

Jack Schaap a Judas not a David (blog)

Fundamentally Toxic Christianity (blog)

Pastor Chuck O'Neal Scandal - Grace Bible Church of Beaverton, OR

July 27, 2012 Bloggers: 2, Pastors: 0 Julie Anne Smith Wins Complete Victory Julie Anne Smith and her co-defendants have prevailed. Their pastor's attempts to sue them for half a million in damages because they dared to criticize their former church and pastor, have ended in shame and disgrace for Beaverton Grace Bible Church - and have piled on a debt of probably $50,000 in legal fees and court costs. Judge Jim Fun granted Julie Anne's anti-SLAPP motion, tossing out Chuck O'Neal's ridiculous lawsuit, and ordering Chuck and Church to fork over the money to pay for the defendants' legal defense.

May 13, 2012 Mother and Daughter Being Sued by Their Former Pastor - Pastor Claims He Was Told to Sue by John MacArthur's Church Beaverton Grace Bible Church Chuck wants $500,000 in damages from Julie Anne, Julie Anne's daughter, and a few other blog commenters that have criticized Chuck for what Julie claims is spiritual abuse she has endured after being kicked out of Chuck's church.

Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, IL

Moody Bible Radio interview of James MacDonald

James MacDonald, the Elephant Room, and the "Spinning" of the Truth Earlier this week, Chris Fabry of Moody Bible Radio, hosted an interview with Pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel. Given all of the controversy that has surrounded MacDonald’s interaction with T.D. Jakes at the Elephant Room, Moody graciously saw fit to offer MacDonald an opportunity to clear the air and really speak into the issues at hand. Unfortunately, much of what was said further muddied the waters and complicated the situation. by Scott William Bryant

Moody Radio promotes heresy Emergent church heresy promoter Steven Furtick appeared this week on the September 12th 2012 edition of Chris Fabry Live, which is produced by Moody Radio:

Pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel

Harvest Bible Chapel's New $65 Million Debt The following is the story of how Harvest Bible Chapel went from being a church flush with equity to a church burdened by approximately $65 million of debt (please see The Documents for all supporting materials).

During the accumulation of this $65 million debt, did Pastor James MacDonald personally profit from the rapid expansion of his ministry?

Pastor James MacDonald's Salary

In October 2005, Pastor James MacDonald purchased a home in Inverness, Illinois for $1.9 million.

In 2008, the elders' interpretation of this resource suggested that James MacDonald should receive a salary of $250,000. Unsatisfied with this offer, James MacDonald brought several other external resources into the conversation, primarily leaning upon Jack Graham and the Southern Baptist Convention. Apparently, he believed his services to be worth far more than that which Harvest was offering. In the end, the elders consented to give him a salary of $350,000. But what must be remembered is that this request for a 40% pay increase came during a season that Harvest was in massive financial debt and the broader economic culture at large was on the verge of historic collapse.

In 2009, Pastor James MacDonald received over $500,000 in monetary compensation from Harvest Bible Chapel and [his radio show] Walk in the Word. This does not include any monies received from Harvest through his access to a staggeringly large personal expense account. It also does not include any possible, additional income he may have derived from other sources including: preaching fees, outside speaking fees, Churches Helping Churches, Harvest Bible Fellowship, book royalties, advances on book sales, 403B employer contributions, health benefits, or any other potential sources of income.

Since 2009, it has become far more difficult to track and document MacDonald’s compensation. Prior to 2010, Walk in the Word was a legally independent non-profit organization that was separate from Harvest Bible Chapel. But as of 2010, Walk in the Word was brought under the leadership of Harvest Bible Chapel as a ministry of HBC. While this may not seem significant at first, it actually makes tracking salaries far more problematic.

So, to recap. After leading a church into astronomical debt, James MacDonald pursued a $100,000 dollar raise (or a 40% increase in base salary) all while ministering to a largely middle class community, some of whom were presumably struggling with economic hardship. What does this reveal, if anything, about the heart of the man? Why would a pastor who does not love money ask for such a raise during a season such as this? Were other staff members given raises during this year, as well? And if so, what were those raises like? Finally, why would a church offer raises of this magnitude when many within society were taking pay cuts just to stay employed?


Update: Recent Developments (7 November 2012) HBC Gambling Accusations Readers raise new concerns regarding two [more] staff members and their alleged involvement with gambling.

This merely serves to raise the question as to whether a culture of gambling [i.e. taking from others through the occult arts of lying (bluffing), 'Sacred Space' (occult spiritualism - demonic realm interaction with the intent of manipulating people, places and resources) and other practices of deception] exists at Harvest Bible Chapel.

N.T. Wright's Lectures at Moody Bible Institute

N.T. WRIGHT part 4 - Vimeo Video


Notes RE: N.T. Wright's Lectures at Moody Bible Institute

  1. Earlier in his talk Nicholas Thomas "Tom" Wright [N.T. Wright] attempts to redefine salvation and offers a twisted description of Christian imputed righteousness our righteousness found in the righteousness of Jesus Christ - Yet N.T. Wright in attempting to redefine salvation completely ignores and neglects, the very important Biblical concept of Propitiation (Romans 3:24) our sins paid in full on the cross by Jesus Christ.
  2. After offering a redefinition of salvation N.T. Wright then goes on to present several horrific distortions as he attempts to redefine both the Christian Church Age and God's personal Biblical relationship with the Jewish Nation of Israel.
  3. N.T. Wright also misspoke when he inferred that the Prophet Isaiah was writing about the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem after the destruction had already occurred when in fact the Prophet Isaiah [prophesying in the era of about 740 B.C.] was prophesying of the coming destruction of the 1st Temple in Jerusalem [the 1st Temple was destroyed in 586 B.C. - 200 years after the Prophet Isaiah]. - N.T. Wright is presenting the Bible texts as reactive to past events when in actuality the Bible both O.T. and N.T. [End Times] are written as Prophetic (future) events.
  4. N.T. Wright then goes into full Heresy mode and actually begins espousing Paganistic doctrines in stating that "the earth is god's temple" and that "god indwells inside the earth" - making his god the pagan ruler of the underworld. -- Isaiah 66:1 Thus saith the LORD, The Heaven is My Throne, and the earth is My footstool ...

C3Exchange formally Christ Community Church of Grand Haven, MI with Atheist Reverend Ian Lawton

December 16, 2008 Pastor Ian Lawton Teaching Spiritual Atheism in Schools

Jun 27, 2010 – Pastor Ian Lawton's Church Removes Cross To Appease Non-Christians & Progressives

July 31, 2012 Pastor Ian Lawton Preaches "Inspiring Atheism" and Freethinking -- YouTube

August 17, 2012 Pastor Ian Lawton Confesses to Being an Atheist for the Past 20 Years Fighting for the Faith -- Mp3

David Anson Brown 04:44, 18 August 2012 (MST)