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The Jesus was only human Gnostic heresy refuted

"Any marriage prior to the Cross would mean that Jesus was marring a sinner and really teachings of an earthly marriage of Jesus are yet another false set of teachings that are attempting to do away with the need of mankind for the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross and of His Glorious Resurrection and it is an attempt to deny the special relationship that Jesus has with His Bride - The Church."

Source Jesus had no Wife

Did Jesus have a wife and child? Of course Not!

The Da Vinci Code Debunked and Defunked - Get Ready To Learn The Facts!

This book is just another garden variety assault on the integrity of the Bible and its old school at that!

It's simply a combination of old paganism and old Gnosticism (secret knowledge), brought to life by a master storyteller. It's all quite amusing, if it's accepted for what it really is: not historical fiction, but pure fiction. And as engaging as the book is, it can't compare to the thrill of discovering the historical truth about the events that have shaped the very foundations of modern civilization.

On the contrary, there are verses that logically indicate that Jesus was not married. In his first letter to the Corinthian church the apostle

Paul wrote: "Don't we have the right to take a believing wife along with us, as do the other apostles and the Lord's brothers and Cephas?" 1 Corinthians 9:5-6. ... Paul is saying that he had the right to be married just like the Lord's brothers and the other apostles. But logically if Jesus were married, why wouldn't Paul cite the Lord's marriage as the ultimate authority for his own right to have a wife? Why didn't he say "Jesus was married, so I have the right to marry"? Such a statement would have much greater weight.


Gnosticism: The Gnostic NIV Bible Exposed - A look At Gnosticism And The NIV

The Gnostics were a group of individuals who considered themselves as "an elite group that knows it all"

Biblical words Identifying Jesus Christ as God Are Stolen Away (missing) in the NIV

The word Gnostic” comes from the Greek verb “ginosko”, which means “to know, or to be taking in knowledge”. Or you can derive it from the noun “gnosis”, which means “knowledge, or a seeking to know”. The Gnostics were a group of individuals who considered themselves as “an elite group that knows it all”. Their headquarters was in Alexandria, Egypt, where they had collected an enormous library. ... They claimed to understand God and Salvation perfectly. They believed that they themselves were spirit, while all other people were soul and body. They believed that all matter was evil, and therefore the world produced from evil matter and possessed by evil demons cannot be a creation of a good God. Therefore they were willing for Christ to be the creator as long as it was agreed that He was an inferior god. Therefore they denied the reality and the necessity of the Atonement of Christ, and they claimed that Christ’s body was an illusion. They did not believe that Christ really came in the flesh. They rejected the Old Testament and its God Jehovah. -- They were obsessed with a cult of angels, from which they derived the concept of guardian angels. They were obsessed with the concept of man, and of God, and of the world through religious experiences. They allegorized all the teachings of Scripture in order to achieve a strange conformity between Gnosticism and Christianity. The Gnostics worked hard on destroying the Person of Christ as coequal to God, and as having both a human nature and a Divine nature. Therefore we recognize that the Apostles in their letters were warning the churches against the influence of the Gnostics. We read that in 1 John 2:22, from which we can see their struggle against the Gnostics of the 1st century.

Gnosticism, the Soul-Only "Gospel" and the End Times

Gnosticism falsely concludes: There were two separate realms-one spiritual, the other material (physical) - The spiritual realm, created by God [not by Father God but by Satan or some other unknown god that Satan channeled, however more and more often Satan is being taught as the original Father spirit god], was all good; the material realm, created by the demiurge [Father God, Son Jesus, Holy Spirit], all evil - Man needed to be saved, not from Original Sin, but from enslavement to matter (physical body, physical world and from God (Jesus) who created the physical world, though the cults sure do like sex, drugs, alcohol, money etc. so maybe they don't want to be 'saved' from everything physical) [rejecting this (physical) world]-[rejecting the (moral government) law] For this, he {occult initiate} had to learn the mystical arts - Thus Gnosticism became a source for the occult (Satanic) tradition {Gnosticism - The Question: Is Jesus who loves us, gave His life and died for us on the cross God or is Satan who lies to us and kills us God? That is the dilemma of the Gnostic and actually that is also the dilemma for everyone. However even in this upside down world where wrong is right and lies are truth it is still easy to tell that Jesus the God of Love is God!}

In addition, Gnostics engaged in speculative theology, even in the days of the apostles, based upon a higher form of knowledge not available to "ordinary" Christians. This resulted in "speculations respecting angels and spirits" and a false dualism "leading to asceticism on the one hand *[rejecting this world], and to an immoral libertinism on the other hand *[rejecting the law]." Today, we have an eschatological system that purports to know we are living in the last days, not by an appeal to the Bible but by having a special ability to read contemporary signs. ... Certain strange inferences were derived from this bizarre worldview. Gnostic doctrine concluded that Jehovah of the Old Testament was actually Satan, thus, Satan ruled the physical world. The body also belonged to Satan. It was the prison of the soul. “The Gnostic secret is that the spirit is trapped in matter, and to free it, the world must be rejected.” Not only asceticism but escapism became a major tenet of the Gnostic gospel. If the physical world is evil, then man must do anything and everything to escape it.

Gnosticism, New Age, and the Da Vinci Code - What do they Have in Common?

Heresies are a lot like the common cold - They keep coming back around, but in a slightly changed form - But the change is just enough so that they sneak by the defense of our immune system and pose a new threat to our spiritual health - Both the New Age movement and the The Da Vinci Code seek spirituality without sacrifice (Jesus), without authority (Jesus), without the cross (Jesus) - A Christianity with no cross is a Christianity with no power and a religion with no power doesn't last very long {The cross is the victory of Jesus Christ over sin, death, and the power of Satan. The proof of the victory of the cross of Jesus is the Resurrection of Jesus. Jesus is Alive! sin is dead and Satan is powerless, over our freewill.}

Heresies are a lot like the common cold. They keep coming back around, but in a slightly changed form. But the change is just enough so that they sneak by the defense of our immune system and pose a new threat to our spiritual health. Neither the New Age movement nor the The Da Vinci Code buys into to ancient Gnosticism lock, stock, and barrel. But they both rely on key Gnostic ideas that have as much appeal now as they did in the second century. For who does not eventually feel the emptiness and ennui of a life without the spiritual dimension, a life devoid of mystery? Our contemporary Western society, like 2nd century Roman society, has lost its soul. We suffer from the desperation that comes from a lack of meaning. -- The New Age has appeal because it restores a sense of mystery. It imitates the syncretism of the Gnostics, blending together exotic ideas from the east with traditions native to the west to produce a hodge-podge that may be incoherent but is nevertheless intriguing. The Da Vinci Code resurrects the claim of a secret tradition that is earlier and more faithful than the New Testament Scriptures. It offers us a way to feel connected to Jesus even while we scorn the leaders and laws of the Church said to be founded by him. -- But the appeal of these currents also constitute their undoing. Both the New Age movement and the The Da Vinci Code seek spirituality without sacrifice, without authority, without the cross. They follow ancient Gnosticism in preserving a veneer of Christianity while emptying it of its heart and soul.. But the fate of Gnosticism ought to serve as a warning here. A Christianity with no cross is a Christianity with no power. And a religion with no power doesn’t last very long. The Da Vinci Code may have sold a few million copies in the first years of the third millennium. But here is my guess - in the fourth millennium, it will take an archeologist digging in the arid sands of Egypt to find a copy.

Source Jesus had no Wife

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